Fucking no More scum

“Look at him” “No normal person has hair like that….” “Take another look man.. see it for yourself…. Hahahaha haha hahahahahaha hahah. “He’s a fucking troll” “Hahahahahaha hahaha hahahaha hahah a ha haha ha” “He disgusts me” “Hahahaha ha” “Fucking no more scum!”

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That red freak described himself as the underdog, because Australians always support the underdog. The reality is, this govt is a crime organization that protects sadistic freaks in exchange for money and control. Interesting that my laptop was wiped out about two weeks ago and now my galaxy note has been wiped out. No numbers, […]

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Carpet Bag Fascism

Mob Madness Last week in a debate the AIMN network administrator applied ‘A Media Enquiry’ of the same type that the LimP party plan on executing. I described a post where Mn decided to troll. The first in which he started with a subversive set of statements. The moderator ‘AIMN Network’ said this is to […]

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