Carpet Bag Fascism

Mob Madness

Last week in a debate the AIMN network administrator applied ‘A Media Enquiry’ of the same type that the LimP party plan on executing.

I described a post where Mn decided to troll.
The first in which he started with a subversive set of statements.
The moderator ‘AIMN Network’ said this is to ‘finish the debate’ and then posted a copy of the post from Mn that was the commencement of his trolling from the previous thread for which he has now been asked to explain himself, apply the statement that implied that the particular post wasnt much of a problem, followed by ‘thats it, debate finished, nothing to comprehend here.’

This technique will be used, because you want the fascist outcome and it will make you feel good.

And then it is done…., therefore hath no need for any enquiry, from any government for another 20 years.

It was deliberate sentence to piss off the nazis.


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