AIMN And Shoot

Now that I am no longer a participant in the Aimn forum. Matters Not is pretending to try and engage a debate.

Previously Mars attacked with his bias, utilising erroneous information to trash me behind  my back.
I offered this clown a chance to clarify his assumptions which he refused.

I offered Natters Not the chance to clarify his assumptions, he also refused.

They both, Mars and Matters Not, then employ an older lady to troll on their behalf. They used her.
They used her to try and engage angry words with the intent of then using those words to apply further ‘labels’ to suit their agenda.

You both failed. And stop using the ignorance of others for your own cowardly intent!

This is further proof of these ‘types’ trying to ‘make a lie become the truth’ and ‘cutting his tongue out one way or another’.

I will not take blame for the deliberate criminal intent of the red haired freak and richard quinn.
I will not take the blame and be a distraction for this freak to continue to get away with what he always done.

I took far too much blame in my teens and early 20’s.

The behaviour of Mars (as soon you call someone a name you lose the argument and then precedes with a barrage of insults to anyone whom disagrees with him)and Matters Not (the self proclaimed intellectual that can’t ID himself or openly state and debate his claims) is exactly that of the nasty abott govt.

If I am so wrong, then

why is the abbott LNP the nastiest govt ever commissioned in this nation?

And why did you all vote for them?

All conned utilising your facebook and foxtel.


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