Monumental Legacy of Destruction

Elizabeth Quay.

The premier would like you to see it as his legacy. That he did a great job, that he deserves the accolades.

The reality, it is a monument. A monument that demonstrates the consequences of a corrupt, deceitful and incompetent follower.

Barnett misappropriated the federal funding offered to improve state mental health services.
Although the state mental health services are not utilized by barnett, his family or his cohorts.
Those services are for those that don’t matter.

How did this ignoramus attain the authoritive position?
He is non thinking follower, appeasement to and of the bidding for the organised marauders in exchange for a dollar, and an office.

Brendan Grylls won the election, so why did this crony gain control?
Manipulative and deceitful wording offered to the righteous winner of the election.
Exchanging a man of integrity for a following, now bent over a barrel, crony.

Attention requires direction as to the true legacy.

The economy devalued, the mineral resources  given away to a token few, eugenics applied via austerity to force compliance on the most vulnerable, overwhelmed law enforcement and an explosive suicide rate, that receives empathy only as a campaign tool. Moratorium to exhaust any means of protest at the dispicable short term gain, long term detrimental corporate deals.

The State, and the state of our nation requires international law enforcement.
The US govt is now required to oversee the sale of fremantle port. The most heinous of crimes are now in the hands of international law enforcement.

I would suggest the only resolution is to start from the top. The jony coward involvement, the crabbot prodigy, and the rigged election cohorts of the premier.

This is the legacy that the Australian people inherited from the corrupt, deceitful, greedy, self serving Liberal Nationals Coalition.

And the monument of his legacy?

A monumental fuckup.


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