Take Aimn and shove it

I have been a member of the progressive left political website AIMN For 18 months or so.

Today that membership ceased.

Their reasoning- I called out a psuedo intellectual on his disparaging and condescending treatment of others.

In this process his response included an unecessary question “what is your approach to doubt”.

My response was along the line of “I will avoid the idle chit chat and get directly to my point”.

He refused to acknowledge his arrogance, therefore it can be deemed that there is no intent to mitigate his superior attitude.

Several of his friends dragged the discussion into the next day with incessant questioning of my complaint. Basically to avoid a direct response.

The moderators then invent an excuse to block my responses.

Allowing others whom had not commented much prior to the action of censorship to continue with a subversive character assassination, whilst maintaining the censorship of my response of clarification and defense.

I expected more from so called intellectuals.
And this experience is further proof of the claim that ‘Australia is a nation of idiots’.

The very actions of these clowns is that of a fascist ideology, whilst they continue to complain about the govts similar actions of fascism.

Basically their opinions can be challenged with first hand real life factual experience, so they choose censorship to maintain their opinion.

The very act of engaging in transparent discussion, is the fundamental action of a democracy.

They consider democracy on only their opinion and no further correspondence, unless you agree.

“Words and pictures” used to make a lie become the truth. (But also required to isolate and cut the tongue out the victim to make certain that the propaganda is not diminished by irrefutable logic and truth.)


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