I am, Scared Like You

I dobbed in a serial killer in 1997.
I dobbed in the freak in 1994.
I continued to dob him in from 2004.

He said he will never be caught.

You have destroyed my life because you were deceived and you placed your needs above that of the innocent people that are now dead.

I dobbed in a psycho that said he would wipe my family off of the face of the planet.
Yeah, I am frightened.
I had no choice but to continue to dob him in. I won’t accept a shamrock deal, as they just would have waited a couple of years for the ‘sensation spotlight’ to dim, and then you would have read about a ‘tragic accidental death’.
The thing is, there will always be plenty of people
for them to use, but only so much money that they claim entitlement to.


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