Wat yo lookin’ at?

…… and he said he would “rewrite history in his own favour”.

You sit there in judgement, you consider yourself better. You believe you know more of my life than myself.

Yet you can’t debate.

Is this because of ignorance or arrogance? Or is  it a legal demand, designed to “cut my tongue out, one way or another?”

(Is that enough commas for you?)

Matnot – obvious that youself and mars use subversive language to portray a progressive attitude, whilst sustaining a self serving narrative and a deprivation of logical debate.

Your credibility is naught. I know this, and it will be transparent.

Your term of ‘bed wetter’ and consistant subversive chatter and unwillingness to debate proves your arrogance and necessitates a macro comprehension of your involvement.


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