In my late teens a group of peers proclaimed myself a sinner.
A religious group insisted that they were ‘praying for my soul’

I was told that I would be a poster boy for the born agains. Except I don’t believe
in religion and I refuse to be blackmailed into agreement.

Now, the deception is greater than ever.
Broken down empty churches will be refilled with the ignorant masses. How? You ask.
They convince you to hate. They convince you, by utilizing your own spite, envy, greed and your willingness to idolize a false prophet (the red haired freak).

After he has wiped my family off of the face of the planet, and he takes off to a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Australia, you will all be told that it is because you were tricked by evil. That you were tricked into idolizing the devil. That you were tricked into being an accomplice to a sick fuck that has destroyed innocent people, innocent families and the innocence of our nation.
Then you will be told to repent.
And you will.
You will fill the vacant churches and restore the overwhelming power that religion once had.

“aah but there is another way Jeff”.

That rh freak said to Gillian Lane “he has no evidence, he can’t prove a thing, this has to happen”.
Gillian Lane put that blanket over my head. The belief her and the freak created is designed to destroy myself and my family.

If you are a single man, be very careful when dating on the internet.
Try and defend yourself against the dispicable behaviour of a dispicable woman.

When you hear of my suicide.
Prepare yourself for church, you dirty sinner, prepare your itchy church pants and prepare for fascist rule.
You asked for this, and you will have to live with this.


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