The Fact Is

The fedupwith linp and the wazza govt. Agreed to a dirty money grubbing deal.
It was only after, that they discovered ‘what’ they were dealing with.

Upon this discovery, they recognised only two options. Full disclosure and let their mercy as is beholden by the people, or cover themselves and by default cover the psysicko.

Caveman needed 500Mil to finish a pet project.
He called up the Crony and requested 500Mil. He was met with laughter and ridicule.

Caveman knows the truth. He embarked upon a flight crossing the barrier of treelessness and confronted the Crony with a threat. “Give us 500Mil or I spill my guts.”
Crone immediately coughs up the 500.

Caveman recognise the collapse of the mighty deception, completes his pet project and wipes his hands. “I’m done, I’m out of here because it is all unravelling, the only defense is to find distance in time and space.”

The premium personal value before and after office?
You ought to know.


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