One Life

My dad only had one life.
He ended it, based on a lie.
My brother only had one life.
Once again, he ended based on a lie.

“Words and pictures used to make a lie become the truth.”

In 1992/93 I lived next door (gameson way) to red headed psychopath.
I played chess against him. His only means of winning was to cheat.
Normally if a person wins, via cheating, the hollowness of the win is evident in their eyes. The shame, the guilt, the self loathing of knowing their only way to success is to deceive.
The majority of people feel this, they know this.

Hanceys means of winning involved cheating. Obvious as it is ridiculous there was no evidence of shame, guilt or dissapointment at the recognition of failure of his own self. Not failure at a game of chess, but failure of his self regulated integrity.

Quite the opposite. He jumped around the room wooh hooing and high fiving his mates. A genuine self deception of grandiose acheivement.

This is the freak you all have your faith in. The freak you follow, the ginger ninja you admire and aspire to be like.

This is the freak that without a flinch will point his finger with the accusation of ‘he has no moral compass’, that ‘he wll not take responsibilty’.

With these and many other accusations, he is fully cogniscient of his lies, deception and deflection of his own appalling actions on to another, to which he has stated ‘I’ll cut your tongue out one way or another’.
This is the same tactic the Abbotts LNP has used to capture the lowest common denominator i.e. at least 50% of the populace.

Kelly Hancey is psychopath in the truest sense of the word. With the help of a MSM mogul and a sickening LNP, he has conned an entire nation; and has not flinched.

A True Psychopath.

Hanceys family had a family sporting video reproduction business. Skills he has used for a marketing campaign, a campaign of hate, a campaign designed to re-write history in his own favour.
A campaign that encompassed breakfast radio, morning tv, tv game shows with loaded questions, the music and entertainment industry and so called comedians.
A mass multi-media campaign of hate.

“Andy you’re a Star”.


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