Unconditional Torture

The freak mentioned to me about how I have been conditioned over many years to tolerate abuse. To tolerate psychological torture, loneliness and generally being treated harshly by family, so called friends and govt depts like state mental health.
He described how if another individual was immediately subjected to such treatment that they would not cope and would suicide.

When talking with some of my brothers work colleagues (Rachael and Sean)at a local shopping centre carpark. They were quite hostile and negative. Previously they had been friendly, warm and welcoming.

The last words in the conversation from rachael were “don’t worry no one at work knows”.

Knows what?

They know he committed suicide. They had meetings discussing mental health.

I suspect Pen did to my brother what gillian lane and ‘smouty’ and the rh freak did to me.
Many people have said “ahh you will never know why.”
I know why, I just cant prove it.

In the months leading up to my brothers suicide, he was broke. Couldn’t afford beer and for the first time ever he was asking me to buy him a carton of beer. Pen had been sending a lot of his money to her family in thailand and she was booking up credit.

His so-called wife had been pushing him to change his bank accounts and to add her name to the ownership of his home.

In July 2014 I said to him not to put her name on his house.
I said “we don’t really know who she is, you just can’t trust her like that”.

It was only three or four weeks after he changed his bank accounts and added her name to his home, that he then hung himself.

“Aah you’ll never know…..”

Yeah, I do know but I just can’t prove it.


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