Rise of a Fascist State

The rise and rise of a fascist state.
None of us, not us Aussies.
Us, with love of our country, our families and our mates.
Could ever, would have ever, witnessed our home as a fascist state.

The recent bulletin on the privatisation of state housing,
has begun with careful selection of the most compliant.

Sign this and you can stay in your home.
Dont sign this and your out, all alone.
You don’t have to sign. No, we’re are not saying that you do.
But then if you don’t, we wont say what we will really do.

Bless her old heart, and the ladies, that kept this country from falling apart.
Their men went off fighting, for those they never knew,
to stop the rampant nazis and their persecution of peoples not unlike you.
She points her finger at the camera, directly at me, and mostly at you.

“They have done this to us. You need to stand up, if you dont, they will soon be coming for you”.

The prime minister says there are far too many politicians.
We will shed a few.
No one in opposition.
No one who speaks the truth,
no one who steps out on a ledge, to stand up for you.
It happens under our noses, a confected notion that divides us,
and a lie becomes the truth.

As an uprising takes hold,
to remove the corrupt politicians that have sold out their souls.
A guru appears, a cattle dog who it seems, will have the right answers.

A call to take up arms and on parliament he advances.
With guile he has set the seen,
the populace have a hero, it seems.

A dictator, a sadist, a nazi invader.
It is now that you see,
the prime minister, we all agree,
was only a blind puppet
used to bring you to your knees.


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