Another form of censorship, a catalogue of false accusations followed by isolating and then silencing the victim.

You are doing the same tactic as the red haired pyscho, copied by the LNP and now some so-called progressives utilize the same tactic whilst simultaneously complaing about the tactic used against them.
Fuck you all. Find out the hard way. Too fucking stupid.

That freak attacked a toddler. (1983)
That freak said he murdered darrylyn (2004), brigetti said “I’ll pin a triple murder on you, you think I cant do it, you think I cant do it”(1998)

(1999) the freak said he had a secret treaty with brigetti.

Why? Because when they tried to force me to sign in 1994 I only wrote my name.

You people are shit eaters and you are too dumb to know it.

Keep consuming shit.
You deserve it.

CJ they kept us seperated because they wanted to use you as a lever. A lever to silence and a lever to extort. With black magic they conned a nation.
If the blonde is an unwilling partner, it would be in her best interest not to go to another country. Because that psycho said he would use anyone he has to, and do whatever it takes to get what he wants.
He said he wants my money, my life and total control.


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