1992/3 i shifted into gameson way

Next door was kelly hancey a male red haired freak.

Hancey had previously got the keys from the real estate agent and had them copied.

After I shifted I had noted on many occassions that someone had been consistently entering my home.
My employment at the time was with coles starting at 3am to fill shelves and then home by midday.

I approached hancy about him entering my home. I spoke with a friend whom was present when I told hancey I was aware of him entering my home.
The other individual stood up for me and threatened hancey to stay away from me.
This individual committed suicide only months after this incident.

Immediately after I confronted hancey i was hit with a restraining order. The judge had no consideration for my perspective.
I was also issued with 3 search warrants in 3 days. One for drugs, one for firearms and one for pornography. None of the warrants provided any contraband and no criminal charges were applied. The officer was named ‘constable martin timmins’.

Several days later the real estate issued an eviction notice.

I then shifted to watermans bay.

Sean b in 1993 referred to hancey and the street he lived in as “game son” meaning he has the gumption to commit atrocious crimes without fear of prosecution.

In 1993 there was talk of a “police ministers son”

Sean b said “thats ok we will tie him up with legal problems for the rest of his life”.

In 2000 the rh freak said he had a secret treaty with sean b.

i owned a white hz panel van. I purchased this vehicle in 1992.
In 1996 i attended a transport and logistics course in mirrabooka where I obtained a fork lift ticket and a ‘b’ class license.
The rh freak was at this course and it seemed as though he was a registered student, but was there with the specific intent of stalking.
I had caught this freak in the back of my van going through my tool kit and taking tools. The good tools and leaving shitty mostly useless bits and pieces in my tool kit.

The lecturer, when explaining tying down load knots, tied a noose and referred to the 7 ‘coils’ as being ‘one for each day of the week’.


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