The Duckhead

Duckhead lives at the end of turtledove.
You can see his shithole. It is surround by sand dunes on the south, west and east.

My place, to the north of duckhead, is 11km from the telstra tower. I can see the town fireworks from my patio.

Duckheads grandma, his wife, shifted into the sea-container 3 weeks after duckhead arrived.

Duckhead used his grandma’s inheritance, fron the death of her parents, to purchase the land off of the internet.
His decision was based on a two dimensional image, on the net. “The one closest to the beach”.

When grandma arrived, she said to duckhead
“You mean to say, you spent my money on a block of land where we can’t get the internet?”
Duckhead says “I’ll fix it”.
So he installs a ‘repeater device’  in the sand dunes, utilising my solar panels he borrowed, to power the device.

What a piece of shit!

And if that isnt bad enough; his mates in tekstra (even) and acma (field agent ‘mark’ and corrupt javies) agree to cover duckheads continuous crime.

The rhfreak said that a total fuckhead would shift in near me.
That he’d make ‘his problem my problem’.
That ‘he was just like homer, without the ha ha ha. That he was a ‘granny kiler; that he meets older ladies, gets their money off of them and throws them down a mineshaft”.
Ducks grandma said duck will bury her in the sand dunes and not tell anyone, when she expires.
Interesting that duckhead comes from a major centre in the goldfields.

Any who. What they did to me they can do to you – there will be two books issued; one a book of fact presented as fiction, the second a book of fiction presented as fact. Designed to demonstrate to others how to do this.

How a psycho can murder. Get away with it. And then show his mates how he can convince an entire nation to agree to another, right under their nose.

Slowly being poisoned.
I weigh about 50kgs.


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