Not Perhaps,

In November a talking head concerned that a blog may be viewed by a global populace and they had to shut down the source of information that exposes the sanctions of a psycho in exchange for money.

They call it an experiment.
An experiment of just how much shit can the tv deliver amd how much will they swallow?

Still hungry?

Brain washing, non disclosure, silent attacks, ignorant greedy authority. And 1000 words tells a whole story?
Only the story they want you to believe.

“They’re raping your mind”.

He said he is a serial killer and you focus on childsplay trivia?

You are fucked in the head.

This was done for money.
1999 (prior to personal use in aug) richard quinn brings that psycho to my home in exchange for a ‘finders fee’.
And where is your focus?

Rh freak even describes himself as a ‘ginger ninja’. Stalker in the night? Funny?

Yeah, until you realise that his ‘fetish on the vulnerable’ and his ‘unique gift’ can be used for financial gain.

And you choose to protect him based on his ‘little lie’ from 1983?


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