Medical Notes

1976 – healthy but tiny.

1983 – weight 23kg

1986 – weight 40kg

2016 – 50kg

He punched me in the back of the head at high school 1984.

He was never held accountable, school never told my parents, all day concussion, with vomiting and no medical attendance.

1983 – he was caught restraining and assaulting a six year old. He got bashed and hurt by myself and another.

Several months later – him, his dad and his little brother set up a situation to create a false belief that they still use 32 years later.

1984 – several of his family and himself drugged and assaulted me at liddel park.

1985 – open hand slap across left ear. Intent to inflict serious harm.

1987 – his mates took me to his home home in greenwood. Drugged and then assaulted.

1989 – drugged and memory wipe.

You call me a liar and yet you have no idea of the truth.
Some feel hard done by and insist on continued torture but are ‘barking up the wrong tree’.

If you want justice, start with the truth.
No point in blaming and insisting when you have no idea where this began or why.

‘Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ – cupcake girl.

‘There is the truth, and then there is the truth. Dont tell them the truth’ – ginger ninja.

I told the whole truth.


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