Catatonic induced by revelation of truth

So after I commit suicide. They will then tell my mum that I had been telling the truth the whole time. And they, with her ignorance, have wiped out her own family.
Then she will be hospitalised and told it was just her imagination.

An evil has enveloped this nation.
You laugh and call me the boiled frog.

But it is the nation that is deceived. It is the nation that is ignorant and too cowardly to speak up about the truth. It is the nation that is now immersed, and the heat is rising.

Now is too late, but better than never to strive for truth in justice.

That freak said he is the son of zodiac. He said he will wipe my family off of the face of the planet.

And you watch, you cheer, you follow, you agree. You agree with a lying psycho that has conned a nation.

Channel 7 and elements of the ABC in particular those that consider themselves comedians, that have developed their entire career by investing in the bullplop disseminated by the freak and now find themselves as accessories, that deserve to be interned in cement along with their ginger ninja guru.

Speak up rove tell the truth.

Catholic politicians need to be tormented until they tell the truth, this is the catholic way?

Your opinion is not yours. It has been fabricated to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
The continued non-disclosure is designed to eliminate the possibility of disclosure of the truth.

You allow this, you do this, only because you you were told to.
Incomplete information, fabricated beliefs and you are convinced that you have a high intellect, that you are part of the cool group, that the plagiarised renditions you espouse reflect your intelligence and integrity and you suffer no conscience of crime.

Loaded up with false beliefs and with everything good about me stolen, there is nothing.

Evil that is indescribable, and ignorance that chooses to stonewall the truth.

What they have you, do to me, is prepared grounds, for them to do onto you!


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