Based on a little lie

And if all this is based on a little lie from a pair of sasistic red haired freaks. How many lives? How many crimes? Crimes sanctioned by a redneck government whos only concern is a financial gain.

You people are truly fucked!

Duckhead the piece of shit!

Lot 120 has an illegal structure.

This structure has been built on a protected vegetation zone.

This individual has a mental illness and owns and uses firearms in a residential area.

He has utilized electronic devices to interfere with communication signals.

He breeds feral cats.

He has set fire to the bush many times, most notably on dec14th2014 and feb2nd 2015.

He burns diesel that pollutes the air and and then drifts with the southerly into neighbouring properties.

He attempted to join cape burny volunteer fire fighters and has proven his self a firebug.

He has littered this local area. He has cut many tracks through protected vegetation.

He has threatened me for making complaints. He has entered my home and property under the guise of his previous employment with western power.

He has constructed a commercial anntenae (without permit) with intent to defraud others of their rightful access to mobile communications.

He has claimed he is an associate of organised crime. He has a watering system stashed in the sand dunes west side of his home.

This person is a menace! A menace that is enabled by the corrupt. Enabled by the non action and deliberate ignorance of those in authority, that are obligated to hold criminals to account.

Hold this person to account!

Jeffrey E Shore

8 turtledove rise westbank



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