This is were I will show you how far your heads are in the sand.

This is not a bible game, it is a game of death!

The phrase ‘condemned for eternity’ is a religious phrase, of note, predominately catholic.

“Eternal Damnation”
When pushing an individual into a religious convertion, it is necessary to add social pressure.
On one hand, friendship offered from a religion.
On the other, a social stigma.

The stigma can be fabricated and disseminated by various forms of misinformation. Essential to note MMMC- ‘mass multi media campaign’ of hate.

The misinformation is never clarified. The opportunity to advocate your perspective is denied as a means of maintaing the false characterisation until such a time as the target converts or dies.
Dead and forever deemed as such.
Submit and survive, maybe even thrive.

You are victims of such a campaign. By that I mean you have been sucked in, as followers.

I wont subscribe to a religion, but I do recognize the power of the human spirit.

I recognize the intelligence of people, I recognise their capabilities, I recognise their capabilities for good, or evil.

The laws you propose of censorship are driven by your need to believe that what you have been convinced of, is true.

Yourneed to recognise your dissemination of untruths. Your information as a third party. A third party, entirely remote from the reality, in space and time.

How can you consider yourselves to be beholders of the truth?

You were not there.
Therefore you have an opinion as opposed to facts of a first hand eye witness account, of the entire situation.

Therefore your hypothetical policy could be, and ought to be applied to yourselves.


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