You Plagarist Ghunt

It would seem that since the govt announced an investigation into the activities and procedures of the media corporations. That the media corporations have instigated a hateful campaign directed at Julia Gilliard.
The purpose of which is to remove the government from office and undermine efforts to hold the corrupt media corps from accountability.

My understanding of the mineral resource tax, is to directly fund the carbon tax.

The carbon tax could then be utilized to support a growing need for research and development of technologies that can be exported to developing states. These technolgies can be utilized to sustain economic growth of heavily populated developing nations, in a manner that can minimise detrimental impacts of advanced production systems.

The technological developments can prevent pollutive process that in-turn minimise the expenses that result in damage to the
environment followed by the expense associated with repairing said damage.

Australian families aspire to a higher standard of living. By this I would mean that the average high school graduate would prefer to attend tertiary education such as acheiving employment in industry such as science or social justice.
In developing countries, most parents would aspire at a minimum to have their offspring acheive employment, even as an employee on a mass assembly line would provide a more prosperous future than the alternatives available in these developing nations.

Combined with inadequacies of these developing nations governments. Powerful corporate entities exploit not only the labour market but also the naivity of the policies associated with protecting the environment. Eg palm oil, fossil fuel.

Australians, and the wealth of this nation should have higher standard of education. Even those less successful in education can
acheive through tertiary education I.e. Lab techniques.
Employment that is not necessarily menial nor that of which is high risk to health. Social service’s, lab assistants etc..

Australia should then encapsulate this need, utilising the carbon tax to expand the industry of technological development, increasing opportunities for australians to be employed in a lower risk, but highly innovative industry.

In doing so australia can then export these developments to minimise and prevent the damage to natural environments, rather than the focusing on repairing the damage.

It is unfortunate that the media moguls need to protect themselves from accountability, are directing Australias’ populace away from the true value and benefits that these social taxes can provide, to not only future australians, but also the natural wealth and well being the global environment and populace.
I felt the need to write because, even when I have tried to explain my understanding of these policies of the labor government to my peers, they dont comprehend and they focus on the personal attacks that have no value, no benefit, and grossly undermine the potential for Australian’s to be leaders of a infinitely better global society.

Jeffrey E Shore.


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