Australia, What Have You Done?

As the crabbot govt took power, they spruik a belief about the age of entitlement.
The fact is they are involved in protecting a psychopath in exchange for money.
The “offer too good to refuse” the same offer, that many dispicable lowlifes agreed to.

Once the crabbot realised what crimes they were really involved in, that is where the campaign of dominance and secrecy took hold.

Those of you offered or excepting of money to help the psychopath continue his crimes, on coast to coast’, are fully aware.
The Crabbot and Co, stifled investigations &  dissemination of truth as a specific method of protecting themselves first and by default, protect the psychopath.
Incentive for their initial agreement was financial gain and techniques on control and manipulation of the masses.

Obviously they have manipulated the judicial system to avoid prosecution, to avoid their sadistic criminal behaviour to be scrutinized and to avoid their political party from the permanant stain associated with sacrificing innocent Australians for money and power.

They try to label me as mentally ill. They make reference to ‘hiding under the doona’, they have stolen my written work and ideas (innovative technological development) and they continue to outright bullshit the nations populace.
So now they have helped extort a fortune, trashed an honest man and destroyed his family and credibility.
With a continued threat of “accept the crimes committed against you, we have taken everything and there is nothing you can say or do about it, shut your mouth, get a job or we will convince society that we have a right to apply electro shock therapy to wipe your memory”.

My objective – to get the truth out to the world and then that is it!.

These criminals that have usurped power with lies and manipulation. They can do this to you. They are doing it now to a collective and they have the power to single out individuals. After 20 years of freedom on the internet. It is a now a new era of governments and their desperate need for total control.

They convinced you to hand over your mind by creating something to be collectively hated, whilst knowing in full the objective of total control. You all fell for it and this is your reality for Australias future. They can filter information so you only know what they want you to know.

Recently whilst locked in psych facility, I came home to hard drives that had been wiped. My digital communications compromised and limited by a continued ignorance of interference devices.
This is a method of ‘cut your tongue out one way or another’.

The mental health have finally recognized that I was never mentally ill. The continued torment of the MHS was created by lowly psych nurses whom have nothing in life other than a job of ‘adult baby sitting’ where they can unleash their sadistic behaviour. Where organized crime can offer money in exchange for the manipulation of a individuals perceived personality.
Not all psych nurses are bad. But many choose this employment for the ‘biffo’, knowing full well the victims are easily discredited.

If we examine the behaviours of the LNP politicians today. It can be obvious that they have taken on a sychophantic attitude. The ‘job done’ of hiding the truth and avoiding prosecution. Has given way to ‘look how jovial we are.’

Morry Scum and his excessively weird ‘hair cut with a hole in it’ needs a bible superglued to his hand. The irrational fears he subscribes to, means that this is the only means to ensure that his fears can be played upon when he lies.

Ye old hooker has plagiarised my written work and now ‘the Ghunt’ has also stolen ideas and written work.

A simple fact; if the truth is known and acknowledged, it would not only signal the end of governance for the LNP, it would be the end of LNP.

Australia, what have you done?


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