These Fools are not Cool

So the foolish followers on the patrol forum are at their hypocritical best today.
They have a thread on ‘sovereign citizens’.
The general sychophantic consensus is that sovereign citizens are ‘nutters’.

This contradicts the countless other posts where it is agreed that it would be great to purchase a rural property, run on the ‘off grid solar system’ and to generally minimise your own personal exposure to the corrupt behaviour, policies and idealogies of a government that are heavily focused on their own personal financial gain.

These clowns want to castigate anyone whom may indulge or have been involved in some ‘socially unacceptable’ behaviour.
Eg a claim from one that he is totally against any form of illicit drug use.
Whilst at the same time, some of the influential individuals that he sucks up to have confessed to smoking weed.
Others that claim they’re totaly against violence, and then reminisce as to how they beat up so and so because they’re so tough.
That shitheads that contribute to property damage need to be dragged out to the desert and shot, whilst at the same time claiming they have a right to kill the neighbours dog and burn the neighbours house down because they’re annoyed by the neighbour dogs barking.
Some of the catholic indoctrinates show disgust at the hierarchy of the church, but then espouse that they themselves are best and most honourable citizen because they had a religious start at life.

Their hypocracy knows no bounds.
Their self indulgent stroking of each other inflates their egos as they support an issue from one easily forgotten perspective and like the proverbial flower in the wind as it blows, their stroking of egos continues with a fashionable change of direction.

They consider themselves men.
They are not.

They supported the crabbot, they indulge in the hatred directed at a female pm. They called for an axe of the tax. At this time there were prob another 100 or so part time attendees of the forum that had to put in their 2c, to pretend that they’re part of the ‘in crowd’ ‘in the loop’, ‘the cool people’, that were screaming for blood, a public execution,
And all because their tv told them so.

If there is a hate train coming and if they think their social status will improve, they will chase that train, they will clutch it with all their stupidity, all in the hope that the wriggling mass of idiots will slap them on the back and say “welcome aboard, you agree with us on this issue, so we will tolerate you until we no longer need you”.


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