I have previously expressed my view on the labor parties policies concerning the mmrt and the carbon tax.

The carbon tax can mostly be funded by the mmrt. The mmrt is generally designed to distribute the wealth that is essentially the property of australians. The carbon tax is utilised to establish the development of sustainable technology. The establishment of this industry can develop parallel to the fossil fuel industry.
Essentially the developed worlds Industry is addicted to fossil fuel. The practices’ of the industries associated with fossil fuel have monopolised the types and level of alternative energy sources. Example the urban myth of the carburetor that can utilIse water to fuel an engine, that has been bought and shelved by the fossil fuel energy corporates.
The sustainable technological development, that is funded by the carbon tax, can exist and establish new technologies independent of the powers of
fossil fuel corporations.
The notion of the carbon tax having direct influence of removing carbon from the atmosphere is not the primary objective of the tax. The primary objective is to offer opportunity for development of sustainable technology to become established unenecumbered from the debilitating effect of the power of traditonal energy corporations.

Australians rightly embrace
home solar technology. The coal power stations built and maintained via a long term funding plan. Have their budget of repayment disrupted. Hence the populace that have not afforded to upgrade to home solar panel energy, pay an increase in cost for the supply of coal powered electricity. The corporations of coal powered electricity production can then maintain the repayments on loans and dividends to shareholders that have been established prior to the
introduction of affordable home solar electrical production.

Jeffrey Shore.


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