Saved by an Angel 2006

“You’re so dead, all that you’re missing is the gravestone”, they said.
Dead and dying, destroyed and deceived.
Everything taken. No choice, only to recede.
How can I run when I couldn’t even walk?
How could I walk, when I was too crippled to crawl?
How could I live with no life left at all?

Tin soldier, to fight on as one.
To take on Gorillas with loaded guns.
Denigrated and damaged; how to repair?
Angry and scared, “No hope” I declared!
How can I live when there is no-one who cares?

Vacant and staring, disillusioned and despairing.
The one that I love was gone, or so I thought.

To pick myself up, I hoped would be enough.
To take it on the chin and stand up again.
To hold my head high, to keep myself tough.
To fight forever or to the lonely end.

Only she could see, what was happening to me.
She was scared and crying, she wanted to help,
She asked her friends and she prayed to God.
Put her life on the line and gave it her all.
Held onto her faith, and said to me “Hold on for just a little more.”

My Angel has come to me in a dream,
She tells me I’m loved and not to give in.
I felt her there, although I could not see.
Her tender touch, the pain faded from me.

“We’ll be together again, you’ll see.” She says.

Dodging and weaving. Twisting and turning, entering a world that was so unnerving. Standing up, staying strong, promise to her lover She would bring him on home.

Liars and Cheaters, Finks and Deceivers.
To take them on, defeat their game,
unravel their lies and put them to shame.
Their finger they point and then deny their blame.
My love, “you bring the balance back again”.

I was down and about to die, only then did I see a light.
A love, a heart that never gave in.
My Angel, my love, who held onto me tight.
I failed, I faltered and almost died.
It was you my love, you could never give up.
How do I thank you C.J?
“I give you all of my Love!”


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