Cold, Calculating & Callous

The manipulation of your beliefs need to be clarified.

Rh freak said “I’ll cut your tongue out, one way or another”.

In 2004 he confessed to a murder. He said “she was collateral damage, he had to do it to get what he wanted”.

I then report this to authority, I contacted a person I care about and told her that these people had threatened her life also. I tried to explain that I am not certain as to the seriouness of the threat, but considering the threat, what they have done to me and what they said they have done to others. My judgement was to write my name to try and temporarily satisfy their demands, as a means of buying time to, firstly inform the woman I care about, secondly to notify the authorities.
No one believed me.
I continued to speak out to the authorities.
With the continuation of abuse and threats, the continued abuse of power by the state mental health system. I realised I had no option, but to put my life on the line to obtain justice for those already destroyed, and try to obtain justice for myself.
Now this freak said that I was ‘incredible’. That is to say, that I am not to be believed. Therefore, according to him, he can do whatever he wants to hurt me, he can say whatever he wants to hurt me….. and no one will ever believe a word I say.

He told me he is a serial killer. The most prolific this nation has known. And with what he has done to me…. and got away with it? I believe him.
He said “money speaks louder than truth” & “the people that support him will make certain he gets away with murder” & that “he will pay the judge to get the outcome he wants.

In 2011 I went public. On my iphone I video  recorded a conversation with a psychiatrists, where I explained in depth, the events and crimes of this freak, his intent, and why I am a target.
I put this video on utube in the hope that authorities that have integrity would investigate.
Weeks later the freak was in the driver seat of my vehicle, he had me drugged from my supposed friends that received a payment to do so. The freak told me to “blow up my video”.
He ‘coward punched’ me on the right side of my jaw, with knuckledusters on his left fist.
Someone outside the vehicle took a photo with impeccable timing.
He punched me, no warning, no emotion. Cold calculating and callous.
I weigh 50kg on my heaviest days. This bloke is a pure psychopath. He laughs at how he can “fool one hundred percent of the people, one hundred percent of the time”.


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