Verdict? yes the ms media decided so

So… the Verdict.
How obvious is the ignorance and stupidity.

Much like his breakfast show, he is surrounded by sycophants that are there to pretend to be his best friends. Laugh at jokes, psuedo empathy for anything that provides a shock-horror, and generally be agreeable.

“I smoked cannibis three times”
“Well I smoked cannabis five times.”
“I smoked it once at a party. It didn’t do anything”Avantenstone.

An advocate states reasons for it to be legal.
Citing alcohol and tobacco.

“If you have two knives in your chest; why would you add a third?”

They tell us in the promo that this is intelligent debate for the issues that affect the Australian people.

I switched over to the doco on ‘Atari’.

A computer programmer describes his first day at work in 1981.
“I didn’t want to appear as a bludger so I bought my own weed with me. When the boss come in to the office for a smoke I pulled out and offered my joint”. The boss says “pfffft I actually want to get stoned. Forget that I’m going to smoke my good weed”.

Yep. Australia, the media is guaranteed to make you stupid or at least make you look stupid to the global village.

The reason.
Those in the media are involved in sadistic crimes and will discredit ‘the whistleblower’ with statements of cannabis users as being stupid, as losing memory and that they who proclaim that they don’t smoke are holy and righteous.

When a drink is spiked is it ok to blame the victim for drinking alcohol?

I guess the freak and his supporters won’t comment on that one. Not whilst they’re trying to create a defence during a trial by media.


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