Aussies Gone Viral

So in the 1990’s, that freak said he could make people gel their hair into a point. A psuedo mohawk.
A few years back I mentioned about football players should grow a beard as it could act like a ‘crumple zone’ when taking a hit to the jaw. I referenced the old timey cricketers and footballers. And his followers followed.

The freak said he would convince people to refer to me as a grub. And now that term has become a popular insult.

2010 he mentioned the term ‘meme’. A term I had not previously known. Now it is a popular term.

When I told him that either way he is a loser or a criminal. As in, if he really is a killer like he said, or if he has only created a belief that he is a killer and threatening to kill me and the girl I loved, then he still loses as it is a deception to obtain a financial gain.
I smiled whilst wriggling my mouth. This smiley is now popular on a particular 4wd forum.

He refers to the australian people as being like a virus.
‘Simon Says’.
When ‘simon’ The Freak tells you what to do and think, you all do so, all at the same time, all together.

Just like when a virus replicates in the cells of a multicellular organism. All together, all at the same time. Every 6 hours.

You have been conned!


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