Can’t Defeat Logic & Truth?

The only time there has ever been any conversation about this, is when I have explained the brainwashing and hypnosis to a handful of people.
The most memorable being a reply of
“I call bullshit”
I ask “why do you think it is bullshit?”
They respond “because it is”
I say “that is not a logical answer”.
They say “yes it is, it is bullshit.”
I respond further by saying
“you weren’t there at the time, so how could you possibly know anything other than an opinion, and not even your own opinion, it is an opinion you regurgitate”

Still… no one can front up with the truth.

“Talk about him, but not to him. Say anything you want, repeat.
Make a lie become the truth.
But never tell him, as he may be able to refute with logic and truth”.


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