Chemically Controlled

A few years back, I was at a social gathering.
I was speaking with a particular person whom has spent a few years working for the state mental health.
Sy, was saying, that he sees the brain as an organ that can be controlled with chemicals.
When he parties up at a club,
he applies MDMA to his brain to dance all night. At the end of the night he applies tomazapam or diazapam (that he swiped from work), to calm his brain and attain some sleep before recommencing the process for another night of clubbing.
When I was forcibly injected, the phone would ring with a private number, knowing that the probability of the caller to be higgins or cooper, to demand I attend the clinic for an injection.
If I was driving or otherwise busy, it would be a mad scramble for the phone. As there was no way to return
the call from a private number.
If I missed the call there would be a greater possibility that cooper or higgins would call the police for a transport order, for me to be injected.
The impending injection would cause a great deal of anxiety.
Knowing the side effects of the injection, knowing that it did nothing to help, knowing that after feeling ok for one week and that the injection would cause me to be bedridden for three. I’d tremble at the thought.

Cooper and higgins are not smart, they are not
honourable and have no integrity.

“I am going to make a complaint about you Tony”.
Higgins “Go ahead, no one will listen”.

And they don’t.

How do I know what they injected me with?
A dangerous chemical prescribed.
But what did they actually inject me with?

No one will ever know!


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