Yep, Mentally Messed Up

Is there any other expectation?

If you read any of this blog, you’ll recognize that I am insane.

Well that is what the mental health said, after I went to my local MP, after I spoke with Cyrinian House.
I spoke to the mental health. Stating that “I am being stalked by a psychopath, it started around 10 years ago and I have just worked out that they are using chemicals like rhohypnol and brainwashing, so that they can incessantly attack me and ensure I only have a vague recollection of it”.
This was in 1994.

Now July 2015 the mental health system states that I am NOT mentally ill, inspite of my insistance that I have told the truth about this for more than 20 years. I also presented a photograph that Andrew Eisland’s name has been carved into my furniture at about september 2014.
Apparantly this isnt proof of a person unlawfully entering my home and damaging my property. The police said this, because “I have had dealings with mental health system”.
Doesnt take a genius to recognise that my dealings with mental health system was due to the fact, that I am being stalked by a psychopath that has red hair. Possibly a psychopath, with red hair and the name Andrew Eisland.

May 2013 rh freak said “you better commit suicide, because you won’t like what we are going to do to you.”

Also, the mental health states that they do not have any ‘duty of care’.

This is why you need to understand what it is I am telling you.
The government does not want the expense of an investigation, when they can be the receipts of techniques of control and a financial gain in exchange for not investigating.

If you or someone you care about is a target of organized crime, you are on your own!

Purchased a la la loopsy doll lately?


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