What Right?

In 2007, at graylands, in a locked ward, that has an outdoor excercise area, of approx one hundred square metres, with approx one third under cover.
A young bloke (Steven) was coffing, spluttering and spitting.
I said to a psyche nurse “can you stop him from spitting, I’m going
home in a couple of days and I don’t want to carry back a flu”.
The nurse said “It is not the flu”.
I replied “Can you telling him to stop spitting?”
The nurse said “Don’t tell me how to do my job. Do you want to have a sleep in that room over there (pointing)?”
I said “No thanks”.

The room he referred to?
Contained a bed with straps. It is used to strap someone down and inject them with a sedative to make them unconscious for several hours.

At the local mental health
clinics, they have vibrant promotional posters. That inspire trust and confidence.

The headline across the top of the poster reads “YOU DO HAVE RIGHTS!”


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