Simplex dot comms

Simplex – data transmitted in one direction.

Approximately midday an aussie working man was interviewed for a tv ‘news styled program’.
After being interviewed and being told that the interview will be broadcast on a popular msm television
program. The ‘aussie worker’ would have told his family and mates “I’m going to be on t.v.”.
The interview was broadcast around 6:30pm, several hours after the interview.

The aussie worker didn’t say anything controversial, offensive or ignorant.
But after the soundbite snippet was played, ‘ladylumps hellr’ decided to use the ‘aussie worker’ as a joke. A joke to inflate the ‘ladylumps hellr’s’ ego, a joke to make the presenters of said ‘news style program’ seem intelligent and witty.
The soundbite snippet and insulting comments took
place within 1 minute. From there the program moved on. No consideration, no respect and a complete denial of the ‘aussie workers’ right of reply.
These people that portend themselves as journalists or worse, comediannes, are gutless, weak minded followers and expect you to
be the same, to be ‘like them’.

We see the same process of simplex communication evolve into a tragedy. With channel svens’ own moronic followers (presenters, not journalists) trash another person.
With no right of reply offered. The Man decides he will
shoot the ‘presenters’, but with channel svens big budget security, he can’t get to his intended targets. So he inadvertently destroys innocent lives. I can’t condone the Mans actions.

But, what is worse, is that the instigators of this tragedy, deny all
responibility and then proceed to profit from the tragedy that they themselves caused.
The government of the time then seizes the tragic event as a means to instill an unjustifiable fear, in the nations populous with the intention of ushering in fascist rules.
Proof of the dangers of monopolised media and their treaty with a fascist regime.
* a journalist reports facts.
* presenters sensationalise their vested interests’ shit.
* broadcasters are shovels that spread shit


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