Psyche Music

In 2006, the psychiatric nursing staff spread a rumour to other patients that I was a music producer.
This resulted in many patients that would stop me and then break out in song.
I would stand and listen out of politeness. This was difficult and frustrating as I would say “yes that is very
An older bloke 60 – 70 years old. Old timey dressing gown, pyjamas and slippers. He had a glint of hope in his eyes, as he sang every word to “My Way”.
I thought the staff were pathetic.

Obviously, the cruelty of the western australian mental health system knows no bounds.
As medical ‘professionals’. It is reasonable that they be expected to know the difference between someone struggling and someone struggling to breathe. As long as they keep their story straight they know that they will never be held accountable for their continuing atrocities.

The employees will never fear dismissal as the govt scrapes the bottom of the barrel to maintain the required number of employees.


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