Psyche Chocolate

One evening in the Murchison ward I was in bed, in a double bed room.
An aboriginal fellow was in the adjacent bed. I was eating a packet of chocolate peanuts. I asked the dude if he would like some. I poured a handful of chocolate peanuts into his hands and he scoffed them.
The next day the aboriginal
fellow was released from graylands and another young bloke was brought into the room.
This guy was suffering withdrawal symptoms from a heroin addiction and was consistantly vomiting and in pain. He put his hand under the sheets feeling something soft and grimey and pulled
his hand out into the light. His hand was covered in brown stuff and he started freaking out big time.
I tried to calm him down and then realised that it was probably chocolate from the chocolate peanuts the previous night. Seems like the other fellow dropped a few peanuts in the bed, that
then melted during the day.
Those bastards didn’t bother to change the sheets upon arrival of a new patient.


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