Just like Homer J

So the dickhead down the road runs a repeater device to monopolize the telstar mobile data signal for himself.
He built the mode1 antennae on top of the hill between North Island and Turtledove.
He has told his neighbours “you cant get telstar here, you have to sign up for the premium mode1 service”.

He then continues to utilize an illegal repeater device to access the telstar signal.

He has a ‘mate’ that works for communications authority. His mate calls himself ‘mark’. Mark calls me and says “there is nothing you can do about it hahaha”.

Duckhead down the road was described to me by the RH Freak as ‘just like homer simpson without the hahaha, that is to say, he does a lot of dumb shit, but it is not funny”

Anywhooo RH freak and duckhead are of the same kind. They just havent been caught yet, as they have ‘people’ that make certain they get away with it’.

Duckhead and Freak will be supermaxed together!
Super Fuckhead Freaks together!

Fuckhead apparantly has adhd, a chemical imbalance in the brain. “If he doesnt take his medication, his brain goes haywire”, according to his grandma.
This was apparant one evening when he crossed the boundary of my property whilst firing a rifle. Worried about my dogs wellbeing, I followed my dog, whom went chasing after the sound of gunshots. Duckhead fired at a group of 4 or 5 rabbits and missed.
I said “you missed every single one”
He replied “yeah thats ’cause the barrel is bent”
How does a mentally fucked up freak obtain a firearm, and then unlawfully enter my property and discharge the firearm multiple times with the trajectory of the bullets less than 30metres from where I was laying down and watching tv?



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