Telstras last statement was

“Because the interference affects the telstra network, the optus network and the digital television network, it up to ACMA to conduct an appropriate investigation”.

I’m not certain how many vague excuses you are going try and use, but I have spoken with several independant communications specialist whom have stated.

“That diagnosis is unlikely”.

Actual quote 

but doubt that that diagnosis is reliable.”

This is in reference to – 

“it is congestion on the tarcoola tower” and “your signal is bouncing off of limestone rocks”.

Stop messing me about.

You’re aware of data hacking re %218 in June 2015.

You are aware of a telstra approved device that you claim to be “modified but compliant”.

Field officer ‘Mark’ – “there is nothing you can do about it ha ha ha!”

I will a forward a copy of this correspondence to the professional conduct service, acorn and the commonwealth ombudsman.

Cut the crap and stop the clown from messing with our access to the mobile network!


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