I have rejected the overt influence of religion. I have exposed a link of the overt activities to that of atrocities, enacted, sanctioned and protected by said organisation.
Damnation, a place where those in authority remove basic human rights, health care, justice, employment,
social interaction etc. With sanctioned misery.
Driven to suicide and marketed to the oblivious masses as a means to justify their crimes.
If they tell you they’re ‘praying for your soul’.
Pack your bags, dissappear.
If you are man of science and absolute truth you will
be destroyed.
‘Give it up, let it go, move on’.
The catchcry of the authorities that have had their atrocities exposed.
Magically Marketed Medication – oxy-coma-tosin.
I wont forget.
“If your ‘god’ is real, it is you whom is destined for hell”.


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