So… I heard a news report last week, where a teenager’s images were being sold online. The police have concerns for the state of her emotional well being and consider that the actions of those profiting from the dissemination of those images as “disgusting”.
I did not hear any statement of application of criminal charges.

This leads to a conclusion of a female aged 18 or 19 years old, having explicite images disseminated against her wishes and a third party profiting from those images.
I guess the money makers will seek out potential victims, wait for their adult birthday and then apply total destruction.
The precedent was set.
You all agreed.
Now for the long term implications that you all gleefully ignored.
Even if she survives, it is a life long hell. I have noted a lack of information for this event on any of the news broadcasts.
“it was an epic fail for a just outcome in a supposedly civilised society”.
“Australia you have proven yourselves to be a nation of idiots”.
I find it now, even more difficult, to disagree with this statement!
You laugh at the brainwashing, you laugh at the use of rhohypnol, you did so, cause the perpetrator told you to.
Finding the right target, and paying the right federal fat jockey, and an entrepeneur
has established an industry that should have been supermaxed as far back as 1994.


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