I recently spoke with the Office of the Chief of Psychiatry. I asked about their proclaimed ‘duty of care’.
I asked if they had a policy for what they do when they get it wrong. The lady said “I have no knowledge of that”.
I asked “Has any
person successfully sued the State Mental Health Department?” She further replied “I have no knowledge of that.”
I suggested that “The policy of ‘duty of care’ is geared to protect the state mental health department, the psychiatrists and the nursing staff.” she replied
“that is rubbish”.
So I explained to her that every job application I have made, I have had to state that I take antipsychotic medication. That the state health placed me on disability support, citing that I will have to take medication for the rest of my life. I explained the impact of this
misdiagnosis on important relationships and the mistreatment of society due to the stigma, that after 20 years of their misdiagnosis I am now permanantly unemployable and suicidal on a daily basis.
I asked her “what they will do regarding the reparations of damage to my life?”
She said get a lawyer. I told her that a lawyer I spoke with would need a minimum of $1500 per month. Explaining that it is unaffordable for a person on welfare. She said “Well go to legal aid”. I replied “I have been to legal aid and they said they dont have the resources to fight the state
mental health system and continued by stating that it would amount to a conflict where one state department is to sue another state department on behalf of a person the state government has thrown in the gutter and repeatedly stomped all over”.
So I repeated my initial question,
“What, exactly, is your ‘duty’ of ‘care’?”


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