Contrary to some opinions, the crony crabbit govt does have a vision for australians.
The colloquial term is ‘Gods & Clods’.
The lowest common denominator, that respond as desired, to the whistling of “stop the boats and axe the tax’ will be the clods. They will be dressed in hi-
vis work clobber and marched off to the working prison camps.
Only the wages will be lowered so that masses of idiots can be herded. The import workers will receive the same wage.

The difference?
The import workers fly out to their homeland and live like kings, whereas the australian worker, flies home to suburbia to a mounting pile of unaffordable bills.

Meanwhile the Gods prance around in suits, driven around in limos and if the distance takes too long, then
in the helicopter.

……and if you think I am going to take a job and pretend “none of this happened”, you are deluded.


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