The Long Term Consequence.

“Australians are naive, gullible and too stupid for their own good”.

Some elements of global society, e.g. Eastern Europe, Central America, Middle Asia Have civilisations that
extend back several thousand years. A significant component of these civilisations is their expertise in religious games, their crime games and their war games. Some of these civilisations have 10 year olds as experienced military personal.
The present day Australians,
are naive and gullible, and in time, it will be proven that they’re too stupid for their own good.
You agreed to the controls of organised crime gangs, corporate criminals and corrupt governance all because “we just dont want him to win”. And you will continue to be deceived and used by organised criminals
in the future. When the crime orgs of eastern europe and the likes of the mexican mafia establish themselves here. You will all suffer because of your mass stupidity. Australia has always been a sheltered, cotton wool wrapped society.
The global society can see this.
When the arrogant, ignorant government, their moronic followers, and sycophants of the ‘guru’ have used up the good reputation that Australians used to have, the people of this country will be exposed. Exposed to the horrors that you have forced on myself, my family and the families of those whose
loved ones were deemed collateral damage. You might call me stupid because I wont ‘roll over for money’ and I’ll most likely be dead before the ignorant masses comprehend the gravity of their willingness to be deceived. But ultimately the initial statement will be the only statement that you
will truly comprehend.
“Australians are naive, gullible and too stupid for their own good!”


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