Erase Your Memory.

Another properganderous headline on Designed to convince that a mass deception of the australian people is acceptable.
The rh freak said to me ‘that the govt doesn’t want me to have the money that is
rightfully mine’.
This was when John Howard was PM.
This rh freak has murdered innocent people and extorted a fortune. He did this with the help of the LNP and channel 7 media.
Channel 7 did not want to be sued, did not want the truth exposed. The LNP want
money and power. The power that the abbot mongrels have used to lie and deceive their way into a position of perpetual rulers.
State sanctioned murder and extortion and a mass multi media campaign to convince a gullible populace that they’re righteous in their criminal mass deception.
“just let it go!” why? Because the hierarchy of this nation have committed atrocities of the kind that ‘true blue’ aussies would consider unacceptable.
The marketing campaign has convinced many that these crimes are justified and the scapegoat “deserved it”.
I didn’t sign a piece of paper. A lawyer in 1994 asked ‘did you sign this?’ I said ‘show me and I will let you know if it is my signature’. He replied ‘I will take that as a yes.’

They continued with their scam, replying to third parties question of “what will you do considering he didnt
actually sign it?” the answer “we will cross that bridge when we get to it”(1996).
……And cross the bridge they did.
So all those people, professional people, people in well paid positions of power, people that invested money, people expecting a dividend, people that
thought they were smart and could ‘print their own money’. Found themselves with no rights to my life, guilty of corporate crimes, and no entitlement to the money.
‘sign this and we go halves’.
‘I am not signing anything for you’.
‘you fucked us over, we’ll fuck you over, we will pin a
triple murder on you. You think we cant do it, you think we cant do it?'(1998)
Rh freak said he had a ‘secret treaty’ with this person from 1998.
So all these well to do people, these professionals, the smart money makers found themselves with no entitlement.
They commit atrocities, they threaten and they extort to get what they want. The rh freak said ‘I want your money and your life’.
So a state sanctioned serial killer helps channel 7 and the LNP avoid massive legal costs and their reputations ruined.
They enact a campaign
designed to discredit myself and substitute the truth with their lies. Lies designed protect themselves from prosecution and financial ruin and lies designed to discredit their victim.
I am not mentally ill, I never was. I am victim of corporate greed and power. The mental health has been
authorised to medicate me to amplify a false belief and at one point were pushing for an alternative treatment I.e electro shock therapy. This treatment is known to erase a person’s memory. If I can’t remember, if I cant explain, if I cant express to the decent people of this country, that this was done
by the powerful and greedy, so they can not only become more powerful and greedy, but they avoid prosecution, financial ruin, permanently destroyed reputations and their loss of freedom.
Much better (for them) that they destroy a weak and useless individual and use a campaign of hate to
convince the masses to agree. A massive fraud, a massive lie, an entire nations populace deceived by those entrusted with authority, so they can continue in their position of greedy power and control.
How many other profiles on the crime website will disappear?
“it’s over, just forget it now!”
It is not over. The LNP continue to lie, the media, in particular channel 7 continue to deceive. And they will continue to deceive until decent people put their own life on the line, their own comfort on hold, and take affirmative action to hold these bastards accountable.
If you agree to this cover up, they will convince you to agree with the next one. The status will remain. The lower socio economic individuals will keep the private security firms in contract. And the real sadistic, cold blooded corporate crooks will continue their obscene acts and continue to convince
you of their entitlement to not be scrutinized.
They have threatened and told me to keep quiet, they have offered incentives to keep me quiet. What they dont understand is that I am ready for death, I choose to not exist in such a corrupt and deceitful world, I am ready for death, I have been
for a long time. That is why the constant criticisms and threats will not have an effect. I have spoken the truth, the truth is acknowledged by the rational minds. The judicial system ignores the truth and embraces a carefully constructed ‘alternate reality’.
Those that recognise the truth, the accurate recollection of events, the words from a human heart, devoid of editorial and legal scrutiny or censorship, devoid of any plan, scheme or scam, comprehend, that exposing this deception could only have been acheived with a death wish,
a total disregard of my own life and profound sense of truth in justice.

Let me guess? In early 2015 a judge decided that channel 7 and the LNP ‘have no case to answer’. Correct?

So now the LNP wants to create an impression of
being a bit ‘caring of people’ and channel 7 presenters are ‘smugged up’ with an attitude of ‘haha we destroyed the truth with a sublime campaign throughout all tv broadcasts’ (game shows advertisements, fake news headlines etc.) they seem proud of themselves with
their secure employment and their reputations protected.
But maybe, for a moment, amongst the tragedy of lives that have been lost via their quest, they could consider how they would feel if it was their family member that was sacrificed for the corporate greed and the
protection of politicians that have abused the judicial system.
The rh freak said to me “it is not your mistake, it was rigged from the very beginning, you can’t win, don’t try.”


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