1984, Farrallys’ English class.
Farally handed me a note and asked me if I would take the note to the principle.

As I exited the room, from chair/desk facing the blackboard. I exited to my right through a pair of concertina doors. With this unusual request I sat on the
floor behind these doors and listened while farrally discussed my life and the possibilities of extortion.
The rh freak had enrolled at wshs and had come from greenwood shs.

The rh freak lied to all of you and convinced you to help him with this conspiracy.
If only you all had known the truth, as what the freak was caught doing and the true reason as to why I became his target.

I was mostly unaware. Each and every moment was incomprehesible as the next moment came and went. Basically I found it very
difficult to comprehend what was being said and plans that were being constructed.

Strauchy warned that the rh freak was going to hurt me bad, he told to make sure I keep the freak well away from me. But once again I didn’t comprehend the gravity of his warning and I
had no idea that 30 years later I am still a target and very nearly at the end of my life.
You ought to know that the freak lied to you all from the very beginning and I was unaware of what was being said about me at that time.

A similar situation exists at
this moment. I am aware of gossip and rumour related to my brothers suicide. I am fearful of the content of the gossip. But I do not know the content of the gossip.

Strauchy also mentioned this freaks “unique gift”.

1999 richard quinn and the
freak demanded money, money, of which I was also unaware of, due to being locked in psych wards and forced to accept myself as mentally ill and that “nothing has happened”.

I refused to agree to the freaks terms and that is when he commenced an
incessant campaign designed to isolate me and destroy everything about me.

1997 I was getting my life together I had enrolled in tafe with a view to studying aquatic science at a university.
The freak destroyed that and more.
You all know, that in 1984, whilst standing in line to enter class, that I was punched in the back of the head resulting in a severe concussion. I went to the nursing station. There was no nurse on duty. I laid in the bed for most of the day drifting between vomiting and sleeping. The school
never contacted any medical professional to attend, neither did they inform my family.
If you all knew the truth of what the freak did the year or two before, would you have agreed to help him completely destroy my family and my one and only life?


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