You want to tell me to man up?
How about telling rh freaky ginger ninja mate to admit his crimes and his intent?
How about gutless french ex gendarme and his two gutless mates that were hoping to get 500k ‘dropped in your account, no
questions asked’.
Or even richard quinn to man up. Or even the blokes at the greenwood pub to ‘man up’.
How about society ‘man up’ and stop sucking the shit drip fed to them on their facebook or other ‘mass multi media campaigns of hate’.
I am more of a man than any
of you gutless followers.
I was in trouble as a kid. Not too much trouble but a bit of trouble.
I have paid for it over and over again. Because the gutless red h freak is a sadistic coward that preys on those that are vulnerable and purchases the moronic followers to do the dirty
Fagen? From oliver twist.
Man up and stop being gutless followers!


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