The LNP has done the dirty, dunny door deals with organised crime.
When it it is exposed that the ginger ninja is a serial killer, the LNP protects the ginga only to protect themselves.
Lying scum, plagarise my written appeals for justice as a means of propagating a false belief of the
‘humanitarian’ agenda.
Utter, utter, utter bullshit.

Check the written work I emailed to only the day before the jet was blown out of the sky.
Bishop plagarised my written word to the members of the UN. This is known.
This is the fact. Australians will look extremely foolish as the truth is exposed, and their lies unravel.
ABC Online Investigators are now unashamedly pro fascist. Once again to protect themselves.
2010 I wrote to ABC Online investigators explaining the circumstance of the
criminals that had nefarious intentions. ABC turned against me for $1. Too bad about the people that require justice, as obviously those that require more money and more power take precedent.
You are all now minions of a fascist regime.


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