The problem these freaks have is, I didn’t sign anything. Any signatures obtained were obtained under duress, where the life of the woman I love was threatened and my life was threatened and they claimed to have already taken lives.
Either way this persons’ argument is invalid. Duress
or creating a false belief as a means of criminal financial gain or he really is a serial killer. I never agreed with any of his propositions and even the hand shake was a greeting that he claimed was an agreement. I am certain Ozzie was walking along side me on this day, and could possibly explain that
this mongrel portrayed the initiation of the handshake as a greeting only to then grab my hand with both his hands, I was unable to release my hand and the freak starts calling ‘we got a deal, we got a deal’. I was stating there is no deal whilst trying to remove my hand. The extent of lies by
this freak will leave you flabergasted, the truth will unravel as allegiances fail, associates become parents, the overwhelming guilt when the money runs out and the tears of horror as to the true character of the scum they have aligned themselves with is revealed. The mo came out the pockets of
freaks and the freaks want it back, and they will use you and anyone necessary to them, to get what they want. Entertainment? Its all a fraud a network comprised of those you’d never expect.
Shamrock? No thanks. But you all would have bought it, because they will make you feel good when they sell it to
“You idiot. You could have had a genuine 59′ Les Paul”
Its only make believe; they make you believe.

He said I was like Otis Redding I.e an unsigned artists.
They get what they want, they then dispose of the
He mentioned a notion of Syd and Nancy. Nancy gets murdered, Syd is imprisoned and then Syd gets murdered in prison.

He has keys to the homes of his targets, all of us, and any that he needs to manipulate.
The propaganderous bullplop you swallow is not only damaging to individuals but also to the integrity of our nation.


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