I am an Australian first and foremost, 7th generation and unconditional allegiance to this land and its people, us.
I fight for us. I might call you all dumbasses, but I still “loves yas alls.”
The howard era with port arthur, the bali boogie bag and now the abot era seige.
It is like looking in the kitchen utility draw. You’re looking, looking, looking, you can’t see, but then when you do, there it is. The spatula you require to flip these pancakes.
Interesting how a rogue nazi party members immediately proclaims a liberal approach to gun laws, this is followed
by justifiable outrage of the populace. Which then lends to an argument of a better way to tighten other laws and further destroy freedom.
Lambie (awesome Jackie!) might see this – a pay deal this way, followed by a rental deal the other. One way or another and they get what they want. Give with one
hand, take with the other.
It would seem with the two parties, the ties are made of litmus paper.
Real change, requires real perception.
They ‘encourage’ you to grieve together. Then they ask you to pray together. They convince you of an unsightly evil and you go to
church together. And when you’re compliant and easily agreeable, they’ll tell you to send your sons into their war together.

“It’s not my agenda; I’m just exposin’ it!”


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