It was dissapointing to read the news on tobacco smoking this morning.

In 1997 I was wrongly diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. It took many years to prove my understanding and insight as being correct. I.e I have emotional trauma rather than a treatable
chemical imbalance. 
1997 within 3 days of being wrongly detained and medicated by the psychiatric system, I commenced smoking cigarettes. I found myself locked in a psychiatric ward with nothing to occupy an agile mind, surrounded by smokers whom also had
nothing other to do but smoke.
Years of side effects of unnecessary medication and the inability of western australian mental health system to admit they are wrong has left myself in a permanent state of anxiety. This is a major contribution to my not being able to stop
The excuse of some to say ‘oh so you’re one of those that that has fallen through the cracks in the system’. Is an unjustifiable notion of acceptable circumstance.
I presented my insights succinctly and with logic. The psychiatrists only
interest was to protect their own reputation, career and financial status. Their professional opinion, from their own admission, is still only an opinion. 

Psychiatrists words 2006 “you’re right Jeff, you’re right in what you say, but we’re not going back on what we
have done”.
I spent my whole life trying to be heard, to defend my own right as a human being and as an Australian citizen. Only to be stonewalled by arrogant, corrupt psychiatrist.
There has never been an apology, never any compensation, never any
‘public admission’ to the destruction of my one and only life, my one chance to experience a real life and to reach the potential of my capabilities. 

My life energy, my will to succeed has been obliterated by a pathetic and archaic notion of
‘professional opinion’ of those that have the power to ensure their own vested interest.

The side effects of 3 years of risperdone caused tremors, uncontrollable shaking and erratic movement of my limbs.
8 years of olanzipine left my mind in a state of constant confusion, being awake but not awake, being asleep and not able to awake.

Even with this medication and the vulnerable state of existence that had been created, even with a battle to be heard, the months and
years of hope for justice, I still managed a diploma of aquaculture (2000) two years of marine science at muwa (2002) small business management (2004) diploma of project management (2010) commenced journalism at GUC (2012). Amongst this education was sporadic employment and
employment training and education.
A life on unnecessary medication, the stress of a fight for justice, the anxiety and resulting chronic addiction to tobacco, and the fact that the original ’emotional problem’ is still a problem shows a failing of extreme measure from so-
called medical professionals.

This is a prologue to the problem of renewing my drivers license of which I have been grossly overcharged.


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