As a person that can only trust myself. I can clearly see global warfare between religious beliefs. It is an insult that the catholic/christian/islamic think they can fool someone with their fabricated characterizations designed to destroy an individual that opposes the absurd notion
of a god that controls us. The reality is, that it is only men. Other men that want to maintain their stranglehold on either the eastern societies or the western societies. They use fear and will destroy the planet to bring all of you back to the ignorance of religion. Obviously anyone who
thinks for themselves is unwelcome. Men that now have an ability to hack your computer, set up cameras, manipulate what others think of you, manipulate your household bill charges, kill your pets, deny justice at every turn, inject you with chemicals to try and convince you that you are
crazy and the devil has your soul. No better than the hatred they claim permeates the islamic community.
Its like two giant idiots that want to destroy the earth in an argument of ‘whos’ imaginary dad is tougher’.
I guess you all will continue without me because I’ve had enough of this stinking pile
of rediculous shit. I am a man that believes in science I wont be fooled by bullshit or deceived by systematic destruction of peoples lives simply to force a belief of a god. I never agreed to play your game and I will not submit to such a foolish notion of any religion. If you believe good for you. But to
destroy innocent lives as a means of forcing this crap on another, terrorising an individual to believe your ignorant understanding of life and the universe. This is a direct contravention of Australia. The freedom and right to choose, or not, a religion.
A breach of human rights
that you all turn a blind eye to. Damnation? Instant death would be far less cruel.
Good luck fucking the planet with your drugging, brainwashing, hypocritical, dispicable crime committing, means of forcing compliance with what? A peaceful religion. Fucking hypocrites!
My dog rarely went to the vet. There was no need, he was strong, he was healthy, he was looked after well.
Wouldnt surprise me the intention of poisoning and hurting my dog was to be used as an excuse to call the rspca and “hey this guy doesnt look after his dog, he is an unfit pet owner.”
I could only afford to take him to the vet so many times. The blood tests showed no problem “he is really quite healthy for his age of 11 years”.
Sick society…


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